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Glty (Good luck to you) is a new concept brand that focuses on products that are sustainable and beautiful. It produces lifestyle objects and fashion that are ethically sourced and produced, with the philosophy that we can reduce our consumption by buying things of high quality. We designed all visuals, the eshop and the products themselves for this brand, for its two collections: the winter collection (The Tomorrows) and the summer collection (A Place in the Sun). In both cases, all objects were designed with their carbon footprint and fair production methods in mind. For the website, a very plain, monochrome approach alludes to the brand's minimalist philosophy. Simple scrolls with few embellishments and animated details, create an uncluttered digital environment for users to explore and discover all the unique products on offer. A series of illustrations add playfulness and movement to the whole brand, and they were also used on the products themselves.

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